The green sign-active status of Facebook

The green sign-active status of Facebook.

When your Facebook friend is online, you see a green sign below his picture. This is called active status.

When you are online, all your Facebook friends can see this green sign with your photo. But, we should keep this green mark off from Facebook settings.

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I am not saying that those who do not turn off this green mark are completely careless. But, I would suggest keeping this green mark off for some of the following reasons-

  • Your Facebook friends may also include people who live in your area. That Facebook friend of yours may want to do any harm by entering your house in your absence. Now that Facebook friend knows that you are online when you are at home. And, don't stay online when you're not at home. So, in this case, he does not have to suffer too much. He will see when you go offline from Facebook. Only then will he realize that you are not at home now. As a result, it will damage your home in any way. There is a lot that can be done by knowing whether you are online or not. But, if you turn off the green mark or active status of Facebook, no one will be able to see - whether you are online or offline.
  • Unemployed boys often send unnecessary messages after seeing girls online. But, if you keep this green mark off, you can be very comfortable.
  • It is also useful to keep it off while studying. Because, if you keep your green sign off, you won't be able to see other friends' green signs either. As a result, you can't usually see if they're online. As a result, you can avoid wasting time chatting minute after minute.
After all, I find it a bit embarrassing to let everyone know if I'm online. So, I keep this active status off. I suggest you keep it off too.

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